Wednesday, April 23, 2014

what i drank wednesday [12]

This is my life now.
Beer. Hockey. Tommy Hawk. Until someone wins the Cup... in June.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 to... (part 2)

One of the goals of my latest marathon training cycle was to find a hydration solution and stick with it.  You already know about my awesome pack that I love so much.  And since the drinking fountains in suburbia are not yet turned on for the season (baby steps to May 1st), I have to schlep my own fluids for anything longer than 6 miles.

(Normally I'm good without water until about 7, but since it's taper(ish) time, and the weather is getting warmer, I'm taking hydration on anything 6 miles or longer.  And it's blue Gatorade.  Always Gatorade.)

I use a water bottle with a Ragnar logo, that I got for free when I purchased 2 tubes of Nuun in Florida.  I *think* the bottle is 20 oz.  And it can last me 12 miles.  I stop and take fluid every 1.5 miles, to simulate how close together the aid stations are in the later stages of a big marathon.

I know, right?  It sounds impossible, but here's what I do.

I use the various markings on the bottle to eyeball my allotted Gatorade
Ever since I started with this cool method that I made up, I have had zero hydration difficulties - I'm not drinking too much, and I'm not drinking too little either.  It's juuuuuust right.

Now that I've found my solution, I'm keeping it!  But in case you're struggling with yours, I'm happy to share my secrets.  

As for your post-run hydration, I recommend beer.  Always.

Monday, April 21, 2014

training apr 14-20 [3]

Training Stuff:
Monday: 1.20 miles (10 min, avg pace 8:21) + 0.32 miles walking (5:02 min, avg pace 15:45) = 1.52 miles

Tuesday: 4 miles (34:07 min, avg pace 8:32) + 0.47 miles walking (7:31 min, avg pace 16:01) = 4.47 miles

Wednesday: 1.30 miles (11 min, avg pace 8:28) + 1.28 miles walking (20:34 min, avg pace 16:05) = 2.58 miles

Thursday: 6 miles (51:37 min, avg pace 8:36) + 0.52 miles walking (8:21 min, avg pace 16:04) = 6.52 miles

Friday: 4 miles (33:43 min, avg pace 8:26) + 0.54 miles walking (8:48 min, avg pace 16:18) = 4.54 miles

Saturday: 13.12 miles (1:51:14, avg pace 8:29)

Sunday: 2.56 miles (24:13 min, avg pace 9:28) + 1.26 miles walking (22:31 min, avg pace 17:52) = 3.82 miles

Total Mileage: 36.57
Total Mileage (Month): 92.2
Total Mileage (Year): 529.04

Total Time: 5:48:41
Total Time (Month): 15:10:19
Total Time (Year): 83:59:13

Fun Stuff:
Something Interesting:
I had every intention of running extra miles on Saturday after the race, but life got in the way. Same with Sunday morning. I waited until 5ish on Sunday evening to run, and I was really feeling the heat. If the weather in Pittsburgh on Sunday is like yesterday, I just might die.

Book(s) I Read:
City of Lost Souls (Cassandra Clare)
The Signature of All Things (Elizabeth Gilbert)

New Beer(s) I Tried:
Summer Wheat (Yuengling)
Whale Ale (Kona)
Blondage (Redhook)
Oberon 2014 (Bell's)
Brotha From Anotha Motha (Widmer)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

egg shell shuffle half marathon RR

You can read recaps of past years' races here and here.

The Short Version:  I made a new friend at mile 5 and ran with her all the way to the finish, completing my 88th half marathon in 1:51:14.

Pre-race:  I'm so proud of myself for actually reading last year's recap the other day and taking note of what it said.  In other words, I made the bf drive me again so that I didn't have to arrive super early and fight for a parking spot.  I got to the race site at 7:30ish, picked up my packet, ran into some Half Fanatics I knew, and then sat in the sunshine for awhile to get warm.

Because, internet, this is the winter that will not end.  It was 39 degrees in the morning, with a promise that it would be nearly 50 by the time I finished the race.  With that in mind, I wore shorts and a l/s s/s tee combo with a baseball hat.  But before the race?  I was still wearing my sweats and Chicago Marathon jacket.

I was excited that this race offered a shirt or shorts option.  The last 2 years, I've received shorts.  While they fit nicely, I've found that I don't wear them as often as I would a shirt.  So I got the shirt, and I'm really glad that I did.

How cute is this?!
I hung out with Losing Lindy and the adorable V, and then I headed to the start corral and ran into Erica.  We chatted for a few minutes, and then it was time to run!

Mile 1:  My whole goal for today is to be right around 1:55, maybe a little below.  I want to run this at marathon training pace, and not really race it.  Such a difference from last year, when I picked this race solely because I wanted to race the hell out of it!  Best mile of the day.  7:57

Mile 2:  I settled into my pace a lot more.  I didn't try to keep up with people, and I didn't get bothered when they passed me.  I tried to remember that this was merely a training run, and that pace didn't really matter.  This was just a way to get a medal and a t-shirt for getting the miles in.  8:21

Mile 3:  Oh crap, I forgot that this race serves the very disgusting Power Bar drink instead of real fluid like Gatorade.  Water it is.

And a BRIDGE during this mile!  Such good practice for all of the crazy bridges I'll be going over in 2 weeks in Pittsburgh.  It's like I planned it this way or something ;)  8:36

Mile 4:  Managed to avoid the Power Bar drink again, yessss.  8:26

Mile 5:  I would like to be done now, thanks.  8:18

Mile 6:  I've been leapfrogging this woman for a couple of miles now, and I finally evened up with her and got to chat with her - we ended up running the whole rest of the race together, which was awesome.  I love when I make #racebesties on the course.

We also passed the new bridge at Busse Woods, the one closest to Woodfield that goes over Higgins.  I was all like, huh, why have I never seen this before?  Oh right, because I chose sleeping over the Schaumburg Turkey Trot (I still regret nothing).  8:23

Mile 7:  I tried the sports drink at the aid station, and surprisingly, I didn't barf.  That drink is really, really, REALLY gross.

Race directors, take note - don't whore out for sponsors.  Just use Gatorade like normal, successful races.  Good grief.  8:39

Mile 8:  The wind is going to be in our faces for the last 4 miles.  This is a known fact.  So we speed up a little bit, chat with other runners, wave hi to everyone, and SMILE.  My new friend is my kind of people!  8:23

Mile 9:  Get back to the same aid station, expecting some more gross sports drink.  I don't want it, but it's not upsetting my stomach, and I'm salting like crazy, so clearly I need it.  But they don't have any more.  Just water.  Blech.  8:37

Mile 10:  We turn the corner and head into just a WALL of wind.  It was nasty.  It's warmed up considerably since we started today, but it feels more like an early March day as opposed to a mid-April one.  It sucks.  I could do without the wind, especially out here in the 'burbs where there are no tall buildings for you to draft off.  8:35

Mile 11:  Last aid station where (thankfully) they have sports drink, so I can replenish my salt levels at least a little bit.  I also high-fived a couple of Blackhawks fans, so yay.  8:36

Mile 12:  My new friend and I are leading a guy down the path.  As in, he is clearly drafting off of us.  She says to him, "Hey, why don't you take the wind for a bit," because, you know, that would be the nice thing to do.  He doesn't, he stays right on her heels.  So she keeps jawing at him about being a jerk until he backs off.  As in, she was like, "This guy had better not beat us, because we're so tired from dealing with the wind for him."  RUNNER ETIQUETTE, PEOPLE!  Get off my back!  8:57

Mile 13:  We pick up the pace, as we have turned the corner and the wind will be at our backs for the remainder of the race - which is awesome.  My legs are tired and don't really want to move so much any longer.

Just before the big bridge to take us to the finish, I see Heather!

Me and my new friend.  I'm sure you thought she was imaginary.
Mile 13.12:  Get to the top of the bridge, and it's straight to the finish.  My new friend is a much better sprinter than I am, so once we are on the grass, she is off to the races.  I cross the finish line extremely pleased with how today went!  It was fun!  0:52

The medal is super cute too!
FINAL TIME:  1:51:14
2014 RACE / 2014 DISTANCE / OVERALL DISTANCE:  12/4/88
MEDALS/FINISHER AWARDS:  Super cute medals!
NEXT RACE:  Ravenswood Run 5K, 4.27.2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

planning my 100th half marathon

It's good to have goals, right?

Today was my 88th lifetime half marathon (well, actually, it's 91, because Half Fanatics counts everything between halfs and fulls - I think their logic is ridiculous, so I only count halfs and the Polar Dash, because when I signed up for the Polar Dash it was still a half and not 14 miles).

Anyway, yes.  Today.  88.

Even with marathon training and my aversion to running at all when it's hot outside, I've decided to make 2014 the year I reach 100 lifetime halfs.

Step 1- Pick your 100th half.
So I sat back and thought, what is the best post-race party you could ask for?  Besides Vegas, that is the Tyranena Beer Run in Lake Mills, WI.  Not only do you get beer and a lasagna dinner, but it doesn't start until 11:30, which is perfect for lazy people like me who will drive up north the morning of the race.  There's also a 4.37 mile run/walk option for people who want to come celebrate with me, but don't want the rigors of a half (you still get the beer and lasagna).

Yes, internet, you are all invited.  The race is Saturday, November 8th.  I'll keep you posted on registration (it's not open just yet).

Step 2- Create a path to get there.
Here goes:
88 - Egg Shell Shuffle - DONE
89 - Chicagoland Spring Half**
90 - Rock n Roll Chicago*
91 - ZOOMA Chicago**
92 - Madison Mini Marathon**
93 - Batavia Half Madness**
94 - Mag Mile Women's Half*
95 - Chicago Half**
96 - Naperville Trails Half**
97 - Grand Rapids**
98 - Skeleton Skamper***
99 - St Louis Half***
100 - Tyranena Beer Run**

* - already registered
** - am  committed, but still need to pull the registration trigger
*** - it's merely an idea at this point

All schedules, of course, are subject to change without notice.  (Sometimes Jakre gets mad when I race too much.)

Any races you think I should do that aren't on the list?  Let me know in the comments!

Friday, April 18, 2014

5 friday favorites [1]

Welcome to a new feature!  I normally cop out on Friday and hurriedly write a boring, stupid 5 things Friday post, and forget everything else I wanted to tell you through the week.  So I'm going to try something different, and bring you 5 of my favorite things from the past week.  They can be beer or foods or articles I read on the internet, ANYTHING.

Without further adieu...

1.  Ever wondered how many beers (and what kind) your workout earned you?  Wonder no longer!  Play with the Beer Burner app.  It's so fun.

2.  Do you miss Punk'd?  I do, so I was happy when my Facebook friend John posted this link from Deadspin.  Jeff Francour used to play in the MLB (his Wiki page pretty much talks about how everyone hates him for the 2010 playoffs).  Now he's on a minor league team.  The entire team (coaches and staff included, even the guy's wife) had him thinking that one of the pitchers on the team was deaf.  The video is hilarious.  Watch the whole thing, you won't regret it.

3.  Anybody watch The Mindy Project?  I love Mindy so much, have ever since she was on The Office.  If you've watched anything recently, then you know that all of our hearts were broken, Mindy's included.  But according to the internet, we don't need to worry.  Feel better?  Okay good, me too.

4.  Easter candy is on sale at Target.  You heard it here first, kids.  Like, these are $2 a bag.

5.  Brooks has recently released a new line of graphic tees.  I want them all.  They appear to be similar to the Under Armour charged cotton ones, in that they feel like cotton but can still be worn for exercise.  This one is my favorite.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

3 things thursday [73]

1.  The Stanley Cup playoffs are back, people, which means PLAYOFF BEARDS FOR EVERYONE!  (I'm partial to the ginger variety.)  So if you aren't hearing from me, you can assume that I am sitting on my couch, working on the Yuengling, and shouting at the television.

2.  Have you ever tried chopblock bread before?  It was my first time last night (TWSS).  Jakre brought home some of this mysterious bread from the local grocery store - it's bread with salami and provolone in it.  It's amazing.  We consumed half of it with oil, balsamic, and parmesan cheese.  Who needs actual food when you can have chopblock bread?  And according to the internet, it's easy to make, so that might be a fun cooking project.

There should be a picture here, but the bread is gone.  It was delicious.

3.  By mere coincidence, Valerie and I picked the exact same Fabletics outfit this month (except my leggings are bright green), so I must be doing something right!  And I love the leggings - I've worn them for both running and biking, and I wish I had them in purple.  And blue.  And every other conceivable color.  I love them THAT much.