Wednesday, April 16, 2014

what i drank wednesday [11]

Subtitle for this week:  Why I Love The Internet.

I'm not going to bore you with pictures of me on my patio drinking Burning River (you can see some of those here), so enjoy this Twitter exchange instead.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

good things

I'll admit it, I've been crabby and snarky and just BITCHY lately.  I apologize for that.  I've been letting the stress in my life get the best of me.  I felt like the universe was just shitting all over me... until the last couple of days.

Enjoy some mood music while you read...

Warning: TV spoilers ahead.

1.  King Joffrey is dead.  All hail Game of Thrones fans!  While I knew it was coming, having read all the books, it was still unbelievably exciting to watch and I didn't stop smiling until I fell asleep.  (Dark and twisted, I know.)

2.  This lives on my porch now (aka the Mo Cave)...

3.  This lives in my fridge for the time being (until I drink it all)...

4.  The Stanley Cup playoffs start this week!  (Aka, bye bye Yuengling).

5.  It was warm enough all weekend for me to basically live on my porch, drinking beer and listening to sports on the radio.  Ahhh, paradise.  It's the little things, kids.
Santos couldn't resist the warm weather either
6.  Scandal ends soon... so that I can stop pretending to care.

7.  The other half of #doubletrouble and Mr. 1/2 #doubletrouble will be joining us in Las Vegas in November for RnR, my birthday race, and shenanigans.  I hope you guys are up for epic pint night!

8.  My dad is stuck in the house for the time being, and I figured he would be bored, so I sent him the entire FML that I wrote back in November.  He sent me this text today while I was at work:
It would have totally made my day, had it not been for...
9.  ...the highlight of the day.  I GOT INTO THE CHICAGO MARATHON!!!
I had to wait until 3:41pm to get my email, but it finally came!
Not a bad start to the week at all, don't you think?


Monday, April 14, 2014

training apr 7-13 [2]

Training Stuff:
Monday: 1.19 miles (10 min, avg pace 8:25) + 0.34 miles walking (5:45 min, avg pace 16:56) = 1.53 miles

Tuesday: 5 miles (57:26 min, avg pace 11:29)

Wednesday: 6 miles (53:56 min, avg pace 8:59) + 0.50 miles walking (8:37 min, avg pace 17:16) = 6.50 miles

Thursday: 1.16 miles (10 min, avg pace 8:38) + 0.74 miles walking (12:18 min, avg pace 16:38) = 1.9 miles

Friday: 3 miles (28:01 min, avg pace 9:20) + 0.35 miles walking (6:08 min, avg pace 17:33) = 3.35 miles

Saturday: 1.17 miles (10 min, avg pace 8:33) + 0.29 miles walking (4:37 min, avg pace 15:57) = 1.46 miles

Sunday: 12 miles (1:44:21, avg pace 8:42) + 0.75 miles walking (12:12 min, avg pace 16:16) = 12.75 miles

Total Mileage: 32.49
Total Mileage (Month): 55.63
Total Mileage (Year): 492.47

Total Time: 5:23:21
Total Time (Month): 9:21:38
Total Time (Year): 78:10:32

Fun Stuff:
Something Interesting:
On Sunday, I did my first double-digit run since the Circular Logic Marathon. I didn't feel awesome (it's been a rough week, training-wise), but I still ran pretty fast!

Book(s) I Read:
Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand)

New Beer(s) I Tried:
Hop House (Ommegang)
Snapshot (New Belgium)
Germanaic Pale Ale (Berghoff)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

things that make you go hmmm

So, if you've ever read my About Me page, then you know that I have an email address for this blog.  I don't check it very often, so your best bet is obviously to hit me up on Twitter or Facebook if you want something.  Sometimes I get hilarious products that people want me to review.  Sometimes people want me to give them a shout-out in 3 Things Thursday (seriously, it happens all the time).  And sometimes, just sometimes, people are desperate and pathetic.

Warning: This is where I become the most unpopular person on the internet.  I'm sure I'll be appearing on GOMI soon, and that's okay.  Haters hate.

I received several emails this week from people who want to "contribute articles" to my site.  I feel like maybe they are new around here, which is okay, but they should obviously read this before sending emails.  (Oh, then then if I take too long to reply, they send follow-up emails, which ANNOYS ME TO NO END.)  I also got an email from someone who wishes to BE A GHOSTWRITER ON MY BLOG.  What in the hell does that even mean?!

In case there is any confusion, allow me to clarify.
1.  This site is mine.
2.  It is only mine.
3.  I am the only writer here.
4.  OrtonPants, while a sassy and respected guest poster, is also me.
5.  If I want YOUR opinions or tips on things, then I will read YOUR blog.  Opinions on this blog are mine.
6.  I don't outsource.  Go away.
7.  Signed, Me.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I have more important things to do.  Like sit on the couch and watch baseball.  Until tomorrow, internet...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

they can't all be diamonds

Sometimes, you guys, running is hard.

The whole act of putting on your shorts and shoes seems daunting somehow.  And having to pick up your feet and run for *gasp* more than a mile seems like the highest mountain that you won't be able to summit.

So has gone my training week thus far.  Even with the warmer weather, I've just been in a little funk.  I ran 6 miles on Wednesday after work, heading to the Half Day Forest Preserve for the first time in 2014.  I love Half Day so much, and I love running there.

I headed north on the DPRT until just after route 60, and then turned around.  It wasn't really the distance that was challenging, I've been in a marathon cycle for long enough now that doesn't really matter anymore, but it was the PACE.  My legs felt shaky and like they were made of concrete.  Where was that badass marathon PR runner of a couple of weeks ago?  Was I even the same person any longer?

I don't know what it was with this week.  Was my body just really tired from the fast Quarter Marathon last week?  Was I still getting used to breathing in the warmer temps (it's different, you guys)?

My long run is tomorrow, and I'm hoping for the best.  They can't all be diamonds, but I feel like I've already had enough mud pies this week!

Friday, April 11, 2014

5 things friday

In lieu of an actual post, here are 5 random things on my mind today...

1.  Our landlord sprung a "property inspection" on us.  For either this weekend or Monday.  UGH.  This means that in addition to doing my taxes this weekend, I also have to spring clean my house.  Not exactly the way I wanted to enjoy the nearly 80 degree temps, but this is where we are.

Actually, I cleaned for an hour this afternoon after work and got a lot of accomplished.  And if Jakre messes up anything, I will kill him.

2.  I binged on Veep this week while I worked from home.  That is good stuff.  Julia Louis-Dreyfuss is so damn funny.  Plus Buster from Arrested Development is on that show, so yeah, it's pretty great.

3.  Thanks to Anne, I have a case of Yuengling sitting in my pantry, making me the envy of the neighborhood and all of my beer-drinking friends.

4.  No races this weekend, which is actually a shame, since it's supposed to be so nice and all.  If you know of any last-minute ones that sound like fun, shoot a comment my way!

5.  I finally hung up my Conch Republic flag out on my patio, aka the Mo Cave, since now I get to spend more time out there.  Yay spring!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

3 things thursday [72]

1.  I'm chugging along with my Camp NaNoWriMo book.  I was keeping a pretty consistent pace at first, then got behind, then wrote 5K words on Sunday.  I got way ahead again last night while Jakre watched the Red Wings game, so yay.

Bottom line - I love the story so far, and I'm having a lot of fun telling it.

2.  Baseball instant replay.  Let's talk about it.  Meaning, I have two thoughts.

A - Yes, it's a little tedious and taking a little too long.  But the NFL's instant replay began the very same way.  It's new, we have to be patient and give it time.  It'll get better.

B - I am 100% in favor of instant replay in baseball.  If the technology is there, why not use it?  I'm all for getting the call right, however they choose to get there.

3.  I joined a team for a Ragnar Trail Relay, in a magical land called Appalachia.  I'm so freaking excited it's unreal.  I'm probably going to be covered in blood, but I'm ready for a new challenge.  It'll also be my very first time camping, at the age of 31, so there's that.